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I will be running my 1st Boston and was ecstatic to have received my passport!!! To be honest, I had heard people talk about the passport and wasn’t sure exactly what it was.  Well, I know now that it’s the golden ticket sort of speak to run Boston. You need it to get your bib!! My bib number is 8508!! I will be in corral 1 wave 2! I have a white bib which is good but not the red bib which includes your faster runners. I missed it by 48 seconds. Goal is to get that red bib for Boston 2017. Did you know that usually only 8 to 10% of females in Boston have red bibs? Definitely something to work for!!! I have only run 2 marathons ever in my life and Boston will be that 3rd!!! 


I am not planning to race Boston so I have really maintained a solid training schedule. I have hard days No doubt but also days where I can see the change. This picture was after mile repeats that Dare I sayfelt easy at a 6:27 pace!!

That pace is going to need to be very comfortable to reach the 1:25 half goal!! 
image image 

Grab some popcorn because it’s going to be a long summer of working towards making the dream work. I have some big goals for the fall 2016!!

Can’t stop! Won’t stop!!

Last somewhat long run before Boston

Life after the Marathon

You did it! You ran 26.2 miles maybe more if you didn’t run the tangents and you are ecstatic! Completing a marathon is no doubt a huge accomplishment both mentally and physically but if you don’t make a recovery plan post marathon it can hurt you in the long run!


Say hello to my little friend!

I have only run two marathons but I can tell a huge difference between the two at this stage (5 days post marathon) after making a recovery plan. Planning the night before is great! Here are a few things I pack in my gear check bag to recover quickly post run.

1) warm clothes. We are usually dressed warm to start and then we shed and throw our clothes randomly on the course or start not thinking about the end. Be sure to pack something to keep your muscles warm because you’ll probably get cold quickly. This isn’t a major factor in recovering – more comfort.

2) Muscle milk, granola bar, banana…most of this can be found post race but as you may miss it being in a hurry to reunite with your family. For me personally it is tough to eat post run due to the excitement so I drink a muscle milk which has 40g of protein. I will then usually within the hour try to eat some carbohydrates and drink water.


We usually stay in a hotel, so as soon as we get back to our room I fill the tub with ice and cold water and soak. It is definitely not my favorite thing to do but it helps tremendously with recovery. Post bath if I have enough time I will try to hook up to my normatec boots and take a nap.

Day 1-2

I usually take the 1st day completely off. If I do anything it is stretching and a massage. I take L- Glutamine supplements which helps minimize the breakdown of muscles and improves protein metabolism. L- GLutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body post marathon so taking 2 capsules three times a day keeps the levels up.

If I am not terribly sore the second day I will swim indoors with little to no kicking.

We have an outdoor pool and in the winter the water temperature stays at about 50 degrees. I will stick my legs in for 15 to 20 minutes at least twice a day to ice sorta speak. It feels amazing once you get over how cold it is and helps with blood flow.


Drones eye view of me icing in our pool

Day 3-5

I am usually the sorest on day 3! If I am able to do anything it is a very easy ride on a spin bike or walk. It is usually tough to foam roll but if you can bare the pain do it!

-Take an Epsom salt bath

-Take ibuprofen

– Massage to loosen muscles.


By day 5 if I have focused on recovery I can usually do a very easy run. Listen to your body! If you are sore or not ready stop! You don’t want to rush things and risk injury or symptoms of overtraining.


Days 6-14

I will resume running but only 3-4 days a week and approximately 4 to 6 miles


Though it is hard to do try not to worry about losing fitness! We got through the taper and had a solid race so the recovery is just part of it! Enjoy these easy days!

To know or not to know….that is the question

Screenshot_2016-01-11-16-29-02-1The picture on the left is me before runnig my 1st marathon and the one on tne left is after…..

I am tapering for my 2nd Marathon in 6 days and wondering if knowing how running a marathon feels is a good thing or a bad thing?! So, last year leading up to my 1st marathon the longest training run I had done was 21.5 miles and if we are being honest it doesn’t get hairy until around 22 miles- for me anyways! I remember having to dig so deep to keep moving forward and the PAIN after finishing like it was yesterday! Going in blind I guess on the 1st attempt gave me the advantage of not knowing what I was in for! I ran with a purpose and without fear! I know it helped spur me to BQ because I was so focused on the goal time I needed that I somehow didn’t feel the pain until after. It was completely mental for me since I hadn’t expiernced the pain.


ahem ahem…….. So, how come no one told me simple tasks like sitting on the toilet would be so painful! I had just run a 26.2 miles and now walked like an 85 year old lady! Just saying!


On the other side, I think knowing gives the an advantage because I know I can do it now! I have put in more miles and more targeted work which will make the run controlled . Having the confidence of that first marathon gives me the drive to want to push for a PR!  Physically, I know I can do this but mentally I need to forget how the last one felt and push as if have no fears! I truly think that fear is the biggest handicap in anything in life! As a mom of 3 fearless little boys I am reminded of this daily. They view the world as a play ground and are only reminded that something they are doing could hurt them if they are reminded! I’m definitely not saying we should run around with knives but lose the fear in reaching your goals and then achieving them will seem possible!

So, how do you view it? Do you think knowing or not knowing is better?