To know or not to know….that is the question

Screenshot_2016-01-11-16-29-02-1The picture on the left is me before runnig my 1st marathon and the one on tne left is after…..

I am tapering for my 2nd Marathon in 6 days and wondering if knowing how running a marathon feels is a good thing or a bad thing?! So, last year leading up to my 1st marathon the longest training run I had done was 21.5 miles and if we are being honest it doesn’t get hairy until around 22 miles- for me anyways! I remember having to dig so deep to keep moving forward and the PAIN after finishing like it was yesterday! Going in blind I guess on the 1st attempt gave me the advantage of not knowing what I was in for! I ran with a purpose and without fear! I know it helped spur me to BQ because I was so focused on the goal time I needed that I somehow didn’t feel the pain until after. It was completely mental for me since I hadn’t expiernced the pain.


ahem ahem…….. So, how come no one told me simple tasks like sitting on the toilet would be so painful! I had just run a 26.2 miles and now walked like an 85 year old lady! Just saying!


On the other side, I think knowing gives the an advantage because I know I can do it now! I have put in more miles and more targeted work which will make the run controlled . Having the confidence of that first marathon gives me the drive to want to push for a PR!  Physically, I know I can do this but mentally I need to forget how the last one felt and push as if have no fears! I truly think that fear is the biggest handicap in anything in life! As a mom of 3 fearless little boys I am reminded of this daily. They view the world as a play ground and are only reminded that something they are doing could hurt them if they are reminded! I’m definitely not saying we should run around with knives but lose the fear in reaching your goals and then achieving them will seem possible!

So, how do you view it? Do you think knowing or not knowing is better?



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