Christmas in July 5k recap -PR

It didn’t feel like Christmas with this heat and humidity BUT I got a PR and that’s like Christmas morning!!! I had a bad race a few days ago at the Baytown Bud 5 miler. I struggled in the heat and took it personal! For me a bad race lights that fire! I get angry! I get hungry! I get to the bottom of the problem!!

I had done majority of my runs on the treadmill leading up to this to avoid the heat! PROBLEM!!! My body was not used to trying to maintain fast paces in heat and humidity!!! The fix: get outside and do it!!


Picture above from a tempo run outside 2 days before the 5k!! Trying to get comfortable being uncomfortable!!!

So, back to the 5k!!! It was totally last minute! I didn’t tell my coach! I signed up late Friday night and raced the next morning! Funny thing is my best races are usually like that! Unplanned!! No taper or pressure!!!


Huge PR!!!  My previous PR was a 19:12 that’s a big cut in the 5k world!!! It’s only 3.1 miles so that’s shaving about 15 seconds off per mile! Tough to do! I also ran this in Texas in July! Heat and humidity is REAL!!!


My husband is my biggest supporter! He was there to cheer me on and watch the boys!



This was me my first mile which I ran in a 5:46

splits: 5:46, 6:00, 6:08, .36

Our boys ran the 1k!!! I love races that we can make a family event!!!

image image image image

We are making champions!!!! This was the first 1k they ran without us!!! It was bittersweet!!!! I can see the little men they are becoming and how fast they are growing!!!

I watched them run so proud!!! (Between brothers) Tristan took 1st but Austin almost caught him!!! Landon was right behind Austin! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼


What I see 😍 So very lucky to have them in my life!!! I saw them 3x on the 5k course!!! They ran to various spots to cheer for their Mama!!! image

Best part: The kids ran and I got a PR

I so loved having no pressure! I ran with no thought!!! Slept like a baby the night before due tithe lack of pressure!!!

Worst part: The heat. It wasn’t as bad as the Baytown Bud but still hot. I felt fine aerobically but felt some lactic acid building up in the legs that last mile. Probably due to the really fast 1st mile (5:46). A more evenly paced run may yield a better result!



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