Fall goals & Olympic dreams

So, I had lunch with my coach recently and he asked if I had considered trying to qualify for the olympic trials! I nearly fell out of my chair!! Not sure if it was because he thought I was capable of doing it in the coming years or at the thought of actually having the abilities to do it!!! To be totally honest it was both!! You have to remember I started running in 2012 as 30+ minute 5k runner. I dreamed of being a better runner but Olympic time trials good – NO!

I am 33 years old and a mom of 3!!!

Thing is though in order to achieve a goal you must first believe it is possible regardless of what circumstances  you think make it impossible!!!

So, here we go- I am believing it will happen! Is it going to be easy? No, but nothing worth having comes easy!!!


See that girl at the starting line of the 2016 Boston marathon? That is me!

In 2012 when I started running I never thought I could run a marathon but then one day in 2014 I changed my mind! I went from couldn’t to could! I decided that not only was I going to run a marathon but I was going to do it and qualify for Boston!

I started working towards that goal with half marathons and longer weekend runs and in 2015, I ran my first marathon and qualified with a 3:29:58! I didn’t finish loving marathons or itching for another one but I felt totally accomplished in what I was able to do if I believed in myself and my abilities!


A year later I ran the same race and finished with a 3:11:34—what?! This was my 2nd marathon ever and I beat my previous time by 18 minutes!!!!

Three short months later with minimal marathon training, I arrived in Boston to run my 3rd marathon! I had no plans of trying to PR!

What do you know? Another PR on a hilly course that I ran very slow for the first half!

Shaved another 30 seconds off

I ran a 3:11:04!


So, here we go!!!! Time to dream again and BELIEVE it!!

“Never be embarrassed to dream too big it’s the gift that allows you to live life with hope”. Kara Goucher

C͟͟H͟͟A͟͟S͟͟I͟͟N͟͟G͟͟ T͟͟H͟͟A͟͟T͟͟ D͟͟R͟͟E͟͟A͟͟M͟͟


The way I see it is you have one life! What do you have to lose!

“Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew but I would rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity”-Unknown

Each day matters and counts and I am totally committed! I have 3.5 years to reach it!

Goals to a achieve this year 2016-2017:

Marathon: 3:05 or better

Half Marathon: sub 1:25

I am excited to see what I am capable of doing this fall and to see this blog post one day and smile knowing I DID IT!






  1. Avanna says

    Amanda I am so happy I found you on Instagram and also found your blog! You’re such an inspiration to me. I’m training for Chicago now and every time I have a hard or bad run and I see one of your posts it helps me stay motivated! Thank you so much for all of your posts and I know you will definitely make it to the Olympics!!! 🙂

  2. says

    Congrats on dreaming big goals and getting it done! Will be cheering you on from Memphis! (Found you on Instagram and followed the link in your profile)

  3. says

    I just found your blog through Instagram and want you to know that I am totally inspired by you! Your accomplishments are amazing by themselves but when I read that you were running 30 min 5Ks just a few years ago, it made them even more amazing! And finding the time to train that hard with 3 small boys. Wow! I’m excited to read more and follow along on your journey!

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