10 For Texas 2016 Recap

First fall race and it’s a PR!!! I couldn’t be happier! I spent all summer building and working to get stronger and to see it pay off is unbelievable! 


I was so nervous going into this race! You’ll always have those thoughts on if you did enough to prepare, or if you are ready!

“Don’t let fear decide your future” 

Shalane Flanagan


The greatest thing about running is you get what you put in!

 I have some big goals!

Some people think I am crazy but I know if I believe in  myself and put in the work  anything is possible!

I am  shocked at how far I have come as a runner! I ran a 6:18 pace for 10 miles!!! That was my 5k pace a year and a half ago! 

For this race, my coach set the goal racing time at a 1:03:29! I remember a week before the race getting the “race plan” and thinking he was crazy! I had to reassure myself that he wouldn’t set a goal he didn’t think I was capable of! I needed to believe in myself!

I changed the can’t to can!!


The plan ☝🏻🔝

Seems easy enough…. Right?! 

We had a conversation the night before the race to discuss the weather. It was going to be 69 degrees and 80% humidity! We decided to be a bit more conservative in the beginning and slow pace a bit! I had run this race before and in Texas if you don’t race smart in humidity you suffer! He said that anything under a 1:05 would be a major improvement from last year and while I agreed deep down I really wanted that 1:03! 

—-Race history facts—-

I have done this race 3 years in a row!


Time: 1:17:20

Pace: 7:44

Gender Place: 31 out of 1332

overall 155 of 2277

What I remember most:

I remember going out too fast and dying on the back end! I actually stopped to walk briefly only to get caught by my coach telling me to keep going! (Great timing trying to sneak a walk break in 😂) It was a solid run and the first real learning experience for me on the importance of proper pacing!


Time: 1:06:59

Pace: 6:42

Gender Place: 6 out of 1354

Overall: 43 out of 2374

I placed 2nd in AG

What I remember most:

I faded with about 4 miles to go and had a girl take me and beat me out of making the top 5 by 4 seconds! I fought a good fight to catch her but waited too long and ran out of time In the final stretch! I did have a fantastic last mile fight though!!! So, much so that I had this beautiful finishers picture below…. I’m referring to the beauty on the right 😂 That last mile was a 6:15! Tough at the time!


The image on the left shows my husband supporting me on his bike ❤️ one of my favorite pictures! It’s always reassuring to know he is close! In case I need a lift…. kidding!! I shaved 10 minutes off my time from the previous year!



Pace: 6:18

Gender Place: 3 out of 964

Overall: 16 out of 1759

1st in AG

What I will remember most:

How strong I felt! I knew at mile 4 that I was going to have a good race! I missed second place by 7 seconds but made her work hard to beat me! We fought and surged back and forth  from mile 7 until mile 9! I let her get a little too far on the last mile and it cost me! Lesson learned to keep that striking distance smaller!

 I would have liked to have been in the 1:02’s…. I was so close! Even if it was a 1:02:59! I saw the clock ticking away and almost got in there!

During this 10 mile race I clocked a 19:17 at the 5k mark and had a

10k PR of a 38:49 (6:14 pace)

image image

I am also totally aware that the heart rate monitor is not worn around the stomach! It became loose and I fought with it the last few miles! image



Splits: 6:13, 6:18, 6:20, 6:24, 6:16, 6:19, 6:14, 6:12, 6:14, and 6:13! I negative split!!!

My first mile was a bit fast with the nerves and excitement but then I focused on the goal! I held a steady effort until mile 6 and then began to work to pick up the pace! The last mile of this course has 2 hills! I maintained effort going up the hills and used the downside to recover. I was super happy to see that my last mile split was the same as my first mile!!!

A few pictures:


Leaving our hotel room to warm up wearing my racing uniform for the first time! I ate oatmeal and a banana about 2.5 hours before the start and 2 klean athlete endurance tabs!! I took 1 gu 5 minutes before the start and one at mile 5. I don’t think I really needed it but better safe than sorry.


My sweet husband who bikes while I run! He deserves some props! It isn’t easy to do with road closures and detours! He has had some flat tires and bike issues but he is always there smiling and encouraging me at the finish!


That post race beer!!

This needs no explanation!


Meeting friends and watching them reach goals is always great!!!

image image image



My Team! Finish Strong Racing!! Many people had podium finishes and PR’S!!!!

I saw this blog showing the rankings for the top 25 females in Texas with fastest 10 mile race times and I made the list currently at  #17! The goal next year will be to go under an hour!



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