At first you think you can’t and then you think holy crap I JUST DID!!!

The Cypress half marathon will forever be remembered as the


but lets laugh for a moment that I am referring to it as a banner 😂 I have since learned that the correct terminology is breaking the tape!!! Throw me a bone! I’m learning and this was the first time!! You have to learn somehow right?!

So, I’ve won first overall female before but never broke the “tape”

That moment when you see the finish line and realize that you are not only the 1st female but that you have a massive PR, and  are about to break your first tape —

looks a little something like this!


 Immediatmey followed by this cheesy grin


And then pure satisfaction at knowing that all the hard work and effort over the past several months was worth it!


I always remind myself when racing and it starts to hurt or I want to stop or slow down to think about these moments ⬇️


When it’s over and you are proud of yourself knowing  that you gave it all you had and regret nothing!



You get to celebrate it with the people who love and support you the MOST!

I cried afterwards and I still get excited thinking about it!

Isn’t that what life’s about? Taking chances setting goals, and working to reach them?! 


So, let’s talk race day strategy! I decided going into this race that I didn’t want a full taper. I wanted to maintain mileage and do a mini taper to continue Houston Marathon preparation to get that sub 3!

I maintened a normal running schedule which included 15 miles on Thursday, followed by Friday off, and 20 minutes on Saturday! That was the “taper”. I wanted to go for a PR and knew I had it in me but didn’t know how much of a PR!

Coaches plan ⬇️


It was a great plan considering the little taper and that my PR at the time was a 1:27:50!

Although, I was a little hungrier and wanted to try to go a little harder!! 

My coach suggested running with no music but I needed to take baby steps! I have been running with music since the beginning! I am not confined to it or dependent but it’s been nice in motivating me! So, to work towards my coaches wishes and learn to self motivate I wore only 1 earbud and kept the iPod in my shorts pocket! It was actually pretty nice!! I could hear the crowd support along the course, my breathing, and I had my music when I got bored! Worked well!! Still plannig to lose it completely though



I was asked by another runner what my half marathon PR was moments before starting this race! It was the female winner from the previous year. I knew it was a 1:27 but I knew I was stronger! I casually said its under 1:25 but today I’m looking at a 1:23:30……I said it!

and I BEAT THAT WITH A 1:22:33

Be confident in yourself and your abilities!


I finished 4th overall!!! Only 3 men were in front of me and the 3rd was less than 10 Seconds away!!

Besides breaking the tape another cool thing was I had a lead bike with me the entire way!

This was awesome because I didn’t have someone in front of me all the time and I tend to run in a zone that has caused me to get lost a time or two on a race!


I am extremely thankful for this run and the PR!!!! It was a big PR!

All that summer sweat is paying off!!!

Stay tuned!! I have more in me to give!

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